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Our Eye Care Services

Eye Care Services in New Tampa

Dr. Cook offers advance contact lens services such Gentle Vision Shaping (contact lenses that are only worn at night) and Scleral Contact Lenses.  At New Tampa’s Walmart Vision Center, our eye care clinic provides Eye and Lens Exams, LASIK Consultation, Optos retinal exam and non invasive tonometry. Dr. Cook treats eye diseases including glaucoma, diabetic eye care, macular degeneration and cataracts.

Our office is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality optometric care. We will thoroughly assess your eye health and everyday vision requirements. Following your exam, you will receive an explanation of our diagnosis and treatment plan, including prescriptions, if needed, for eye glasses, contact lenses or eye drops.

Read on to learn about the specialized eye care services provided at New Tampa’s Walmart Vision Center.

Eye examinations in our New Tampa office, just minutes away from Wesley Chapel (FL).

If you need a Wesley Chapel Optometrist, the eyecare specialists at Dr. Cook's New Tampa Vision Center welcome you to our practice.  We will provide quality care for all of your optometry needs.

We offer the following eye care services:

  • Eye Exams

    • General Eye Exam
    • Contact Lens Exam
    • Gentle Vision Shaping (also known as CRT and orthokeratology)
  • Medical Eye Care Services

    • Diabetic Eye Evaluation 
    • Dry Eye Treatment
    • LASIK Consultation
    • Cataract Consultation
    • Red Eye Exam (Conjunctivitis)
    • Foreign Body Removal
    • Ocular Allergy Treatment
    • Glaucoma Screening
    • Non invasive tonometry 
  • We take great pride in finding the best possible contact lens fit that todays technology has to offer for each individual patient.  Whether you have astigmatism, need a bifocal, or want lenses that correct your vision while you sleep so that nothing is required during the day, Dr. Cook can provide state of the art solutions for your vision needs. 
  • State of the art imaging