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Dr. Cook offers Gentle Vision Shaping

Gentle Vision Shaping (GVS) also known as Orthokeratology, Over Night Sight, or Corneal Refractive Therapy is an exciting process by which patients can be fit with special contact lenses that are worn ONLY at night.

Amy Rayne Cook is born!!!!

The birth of my first child Eva is widely considered by most experts to be the greatest day in human history.  It is, therefore, beyond comprehension that another equally important event has occurred less than 2 years later.  And yet, Amy Rayne Cook was born on 03/01/2011 and has somehow...

We now accept Tricare.

We finally got all the paperwork submitted and approved to accept Tricare.  We will now be happily accomodating our troops both past and present as welll as their families.

Dr. Cook has hired his own staff within Walmart. Patient satisfaction expected to skyrocket!!!

Dr. Cook has begun to hire his own staff to manage the doctor side of the Walmart Vision Center.  As the number of insurance plans the practice accepts continues to increase Dr. Cook has decided that it would be beneficial to have a manger to handle insurance issues as well as other patient services.  Shellie, More effeciency in our business practices will result in a better patient experience.

Convenience for Glaucoma Patients.

New technology for our patients...

We now accept Medicare.

After a great deal of resistance on my part I have finally decided to become a medicare provider.  I think I can make a lot of my patients' lives a bit easier by accepting it, so why not? 

Eva Simone Cook is born!!!

The most important day in Earth's history has come and gone.  The acme of evolution, the most perfect being ever created, Eva Simone Cook was born 03/11/2009 at 4:50 pm.  We can now all stop worrying about war, the environment and any other world problem as Eva will shortly unite all the world's governments under one of her own and then proceed to fix everything.  You may question this, but a father just knows these things.

Dr. Church joins Dr. Cook

I am very pleased to have my classmate and friend Dr. Leslie Church join my practice.  Dr. Church will be working Wednesdays and Thursdays so that we can have an excellent doctor available seven days a week.

Paperless Records

Despite my long love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with computers I have decided to implement paperless records which will make us a more efficient and convenient operation.  No more searching for paper files.

No more air puffs.

The new icare tonometer has been FDA approved and is now available here. Instead of using the dreaded air puff test, our patients can now request the icare.  This handheld instrument gets close to the eye and the patient then experiences what feels like a soft flick of the eyelashes.  So far patient responses have been extremely positive.