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Amy Rayne Cook is born!!!!

The birth of my first child Eva is widely considered by most experts to be the greatest day in human history.  It is, therefore, beyond comprehension that another equally important event has occurred less than 2 years later.  And yet, Amy Rayne Cook was born on 03/01/2011 and has somehow managed to be perfect in all ways.  While all who meet Eva have no doubt that she will soon take all of the world's governments and replace them with one of her own making, they did not understand how this would be done militarily.  The simple answer: Amy Rayne Cook.  All who look upon Amy come under her authority.  Whether its cleaning vomit, feeding her, changing her or cleaning vomit (she does that one a lot) people who come in contact with her serve her and do so with every ounce of their souls.  Within a few decades she will effortlessly climb the ranks of our military and easily facilitate Eva's take over.  How they will share power is not completely clear to me.  A father know many things, but not all things.